The most popular event for restaurant professionals in Finland

13.-14.10.2021 | Messukeskus, Helsinki

All the restaurant trends under the same roof

Fastfood & Café & Ravintola has established a strong status as the most popular restaurant industry event and meeting place for restaurant professionals through the years. In 2021 FFCR Helsinki gathers all of Finland’s most important restaurant pros under the same roof! The setting has been assembled with those in mind that expect a bit more from an event: experience, taste and see what the industry’s all about right now! Get inspired, find new partners and network with the experts and great minds of the industry. In focus are the sustainability questions and thought provoking discussions about business growth and development.


Fastfood & Café & Ravintola professional fair offers the exhibitors a one-of-a-kind arena to meet buyers and decision makers from the restaurant industry face to face.


Find the best tools and services to drive your business growth. Use all your senses to experience the restaurant world. Network with colleagues.

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New Normal

What opportunities has ’’the new normal’’ created and will create to the industry? New innovations and solutions under development. How will the industry change and how do stakeholders acclimate to that change – will the new normal bring new employees to the industry?

Future Food

What will the food and the food trends be in the future – a year, five years or twenty years from now? What are the possibilities in functional foods and how will i.e. the climate change or population growth affect the food supply?


What turns a visit into an experience and what is the customer ready to pay for? The customer experience, the order experience, the five senses, the concepts, the communication, the experiences, the service that exceeds expectations, the quality of food and the importance of employees.

The Cost of Sustainability

What kinds of costs will company responsibility and sustainability bring? What are the effects of pandemics on sustainable development? How is business profitable while acting according to the principles of sustainable development and industry regulations?

Passion for Drinks

How do beverages compliment food selection – what kinds of additional sales opportunities they offer and what kinds of taste pairings do food and drinks create? How does the industry react to the sales growth of non-alcoholic beverages? What are the future trends in producing and serving beverages?

Organic & Locally Produced

What is the current situation of organic and local food? How has the consumer behavior changed and how will it change? What are the aspects that affect consumer choices?


The familiar event with a slight update – Welcome to Fastfood & Café & Restaurant Expo! You will now recognize the event by a new fresh logo, orange color scheme and the familiar FFCR abbreviation.


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”We have participated in FFCR for multiple years and will also participate in 2021. We want to build visibility to our brand as well as spread information about our vast selection and services to restaurant industry professionals and decision makers. Visitors attend the event open-minded and at the show there is plenty of time to discuss with clients and network. Our experience is that the event is a great way to contact current clients as well as new ones.”

Lotta Qvick
Customer Marketing Manager, Hartwall

”The FFCR event is one of the most important events of the year for businesses and clients. The most important aspects for companies are customer acquisition, making new partnerships and building a positive company image. The well put together event offers these elements and creates a continuum for cooperation.”

Mia Kettunen
Marketing manager, Arla Pro

“We have been attending the event for years and for us FFCR is one of the highlights of the year. The event has a good speed, quality program and well-functioning setup. We offer bakery products to fast food businesses, cafés and restaurants so discussion topics with visitors are not difficult to find. The success of the event participation is mostly up to your own activeness as an exhibitor, but Easyfairs provides good framework to achieving success by their own active visitor marketing and lead solutions.”

Kaisa Kivistö
Trade Marketing Manager, Food Service, Lantmännen Unibake
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