The registration of your staff will be made by you through the MyEasyfairs system. Every person working at the stand has to be registered to the event. 

  1. Sign in to MyEasyfairs using the username and password that you were given when booking a stand at the event. In case you need new ones, please click ”I have forgotten my password”.
  2. Click to the event where you are exhibiting.
  3. Choose ”Prepare your stand”, number 2 on the timeline, and then ”Register staff”.
  4. You will be redirected to another portal. Choose ”Staff” from the menu on the left.
  5. Click ”Add new” and fill in the information.
  6.  You can choose in the left corner, if you will save the registration info for yourself or send it straight to the staff.


To us your safety and health are the most important things in the whole event, and with current world situation we are focusing on that even more. We will do everything in our power to keep our hygiene level at a maximum to make it stress-free for everyone to participate. 

We are closely following the rules and regulations of the Finnish government and health authorities to prevent Covid19 from spreading. More information to come closer to the event, when the actual restrictions and regulations for the time are set.

My Easyfairs

In our MyEasyfairs system you can fill in your company and contact details, register your staff and download marketing banners as well as digital event tickets.
What is a Smart Badge?
Smart Badge – Digital visitor card! As an exhibitor, you will receive a reader upon arrival at your stand, which will allow you to further enhance the visitor experience. The reader is a wireless device that the visitor touches with their Smart Badge smart card and automatically receives all the information about your business that you have entered into the MyEasyfairs system. The information is compiled and sent to the list by e-mail at the end of the event day.
If you have an GoLeads or GoPlus package as an exhibitor, you will benefit even more from our smart card technology. Namely, you will receive for yourself a list of all visitors who touched your reader during the event, with their contact information. The list can be found on MyEasyfairs the day after the event.
You will have access to Visit Connect technology if you have chosen the Easygo Leads or Easygo Plus package. The service allows the visitor’s contact information to be collected using a QR code reader, directly from the visitor’s chest card. This is an effective way to securely retrieve lead data, without fear of losing contact information or a business card.
Close to the day of the event, you will receive a Visit Connect email where you will find your company-specific link and IDs in the system. The email also has instructions on how to proceed, so following them will make implementing Visit Connect quick and effortless. Important: Remember that commissioning must be done before the event. Deployment at the venue cannot be done on behalf of Easyfairs, you will need your submitted IDs for this. Of course, we are also happy to answer questions on site! Read more about Visit Connect

How does Easyfairs market the event?

We are here to help you with marketing, from marketing materials to delivering digital invitations to your network. We market your participation and brands. We will be happy to display your news, articles and invented activities on our event pages, newsletters and social media channels. Opportunities for visibility through us include:
  • Cooperation with industry organizations and magazines
  • Digital advertising
  • Social media
  • Newsletters
  • Sending personal invitations by mail
  • Sending digital invitations
  • Telemarketing
  • Invitations and information sharing through partners, sponsors and exhibitors
Want to appear on our channels? Or do you need marketing materials? Contact us!

marketed together!

As a business partner and exhibitor, we rely on the opportunities you create to maximize your participation by sharing information about the FFCR event with your network and customers on your own channels *. This, in conjunction with the marketing we do, brings a lot of visitors to the site. Invite your customers and network to the event. Share our collaboration on your channels. Category publications; raise an important issue in the industry, a burning topic, or an exciting case as a topic of conversation for our website, newsletter, or somek channel. Please mark well the author as well as the company and send the information to us at * We reserve the right to decide what will be published in connection with the marketing of the event.



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