Special area: Local & Green & Organic

This market-style area is a unique opportunity to introduce yourself to purchasing decision-makers in the industry and to make significant sales while saving resources. Whether your business is a vegetarian, vegan, local food, small or organic producer, this is a unique opportunity to bring the company additional visibility and awareness among industry professionals. Book your seat to the almost sold-out main hall to a great location!

We will build this special area in the already sold-out hall three for the Helsinki spring 2023 event. We are building smaller stands in the area, and the companies that can participate in the area are interesting producers of a slightly smaller company size, vegetarian, vegan, local food, small and organic producers.

Participating in our event offers your company at least the following opportunities:

  • Increase sales and save time, effort, and money. Two intensive sales-focused days allow for results that consume resources many times more outside the event.
  • At the event, your clients will come to you. Meet the industry’s most important purchasing decision-makers face-to-face, collect leads efficiently with the event technology we provide, and promote growth and development in the industry in general.
  • Introduce your new products and services.
  • Increase your visibility and awareness among companies in the industry.

Participation: The area will be implemented as a single area, where small compartments form a separate area. We also decorate the area according to the theme with a market style.

In addition, the department package includes an EasyGo-GoLeads marketing package that includes:

  • MyEasyfairs profile (your own mini-home page) on the event’s website, through which you present yourself to visitors before, during and after the event, and you will be able to inform visitors directly about your company.
  • Ready made marketing materials: print invitations and a company-specific registration link for distribution to your own important customers/potential customers. Guests registered through the registration link will appear on your MyEasyfairs profile. You will also receive a notification of the guest’s arrival at the event as an SMS message.
  • Touch & Collect reader (1pc) to collect a contact list of smart badges of guests interested in you. Visitors who touch their smart badges to your reader will receive an email from your company (via your MyEasyfairs profile) at the end of the day and you will be sent a list of visitors who have been interested in you.
  • Visit Connect app license (1pc), The app can be downloaded to either your phone or tablet. It allows you to manage and collect your own leads based on conversations in your department. With Visit Connect, you can already add notes and audio messages to each visitor on site.

Did you get interested? 

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