Contribute to 100% hygiene


Washing hands with soap and water and drying hands with a disposable paper towel is the most effective way to remove germs that remain on hands after washing, and so fight infections. This is the key message from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the various international health bodies.

At Katrin, our goal is that 100% of people will wash their hands with warm water and soap and then dry their hands with paper towels. And do it in the right way.

1. Wet your hands with water
2. Wash your hands carefully with soap – fingertips, the back of your hands and wrists too
3. Rinse the soap from your hands carefully
4. Dry your hands carefully with a disposable paper towel – as important as the washing bit!
5. And finally, turn off the tap using the paper towel

To help you to achieve 100% hygiene, Katrin offers innovative, safe and easy to use products and solutions.





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