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Self-Checkout S22 Lite

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The S22 Lite is built for speed with a small footprint. Customizable with high-performance components, the S22 Lite gives customers control while ensuring the needs of your business are met.
Ideal for Grab & Go usage.

Increase your business during peak hours thanks to a streamlined checkout.
The S22 Lite reduces the checkout time perception, resulting in customer retention and improved brand image.
With less than 0,5sqm footprint, the S22 Lite absorbs traffic during peak times by increasing checkout capacities without compromising on selling space.
High performance components enable customers to be autonomous while checking out. Thanks to its wide angle and laser technology scanner, a 5 item basket is scanned in 20 seconds in average.
The semaphore light signage and smartwatch reduce waiting time with quick remote alert management

Out of sight, out of mind – the SCO can be customized, installed and left alone to work.
Available in three configurations with a wide range of options, the S22 Lite can be customized to suit your specific store layout and your customer journey. The sleek design of the S22 Lite can also be personalized to your brand image to help you offer the modern experience that customers expect.
Its ingenious design makes the S22 Lite intuitive and easy to operate for your associate; components are accessible for maintenance without any tool.

For those who offer food, ordering from the SCO increases your revenues.
The S22 Lite does it all: scan, order & pay in one transaction. Add the appreciated ordering functionality to your SCO, which leads to higher transactions (up to 20% revenue increase).
Moreover, the 22” widescreen provides an optimal experience for your customers that translates into additional revenue. (Study found orders increased 2% with a 5” screen increase).


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