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Outdoor Digital Menu Boards
Fast-track your drive-thru engagement.
Unlock unlimited ordering potential with the next generation of
Outdoor Digital Menu Boards. Our vibrant, durable smart screens are AI-enabled to deliver personalized content that’s specific to your customers and adaptable to traffic flow for maximum throughput.

ACRELEC Creative Studio
Increase advertising potential and empower your marketing.
Rapidly deploy stunning campaigns, measure performance, and automate content with ACRELEC Creative Studio. Its direct integration with your POS and powerful AI engine ensures local updates on price, product availability, graphics, and more.

Optimize menu operations
Enable suggestive sales with personalization tailored to your customers

Product advertising
Clear division in sections of the ODMB’s screen for consistency and better readability by the customer

Product recommendation
AI-powered product recommendations allowing each store to perform at its best

AI-powered personalized suggestions to customer for more accurate and performance predictive sales

Order list
Thoughtfully animated order list with live and clear product listing

Order confirmation
Summarize screen to provide to the customer the full order with the descriptions for next step


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