Kalaneuvos receives the esteemed BRC global standard for Food Safety certificate


Kalaneuvos Oy has been awarded the international BRC Food Safety certificate. The BRC audit was carried out on Kalaneuvos according to the latest BRC Food Safety version 8 audit criteria. BRC Food is the globally best known and most comprehensive standard and quality system governing food quality and safety. Kalaneuvos achieved the excellent BRC Grade AA level in the February 2021 audit.

“We have been systematically building our operations to meet the increasingly strict global food safety requirements. As a demonstration of this, we were awarded the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety certificate on 22 March 2021,” says Veijo Hukkanen, Managing Director of Kalaneuvos Oy.

A large-scale investment of EUR 30 million in a plant extension in 2019, together with the renovation of the old facility, helped Kalaneuvos meet the requirements of the certificate. The fulfilment of strict food safety requirements was already taken into account when planning the investment. Special attention was paid to people’s access to the production plant, the material and product flows, and the efficiency of production equipment.

“Kalaneuvos is committed to continuous development, product safety and quality at every stage of the production chain. Production employees play a key role when producing high-quality and safe food. We constantly train our staff and develop our operations. Our whole personnel is committed to the Kalaneuvos food safety policy and its quality objectives. We obtained the BRC Food certificate largely thanks to our personnel who have adopted the requirements of the standard as part of their daily work and observe them diligently,” says Susanna Viitaniemi, Quality Manager at Kalaneuvos.





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