RestaRama imports and sells equipments for restaurant, cafeteria and catering industry. Our family business has more than 15 years of experience in working with professional kitchens.

When you choose our products for your use, you will receive from us a reliable expert service, information about the products and their functions.
Our shoovroom is located in
Torikatu 15 , Kankaanpää.

Laatukalusteet makes furnitures for customers in HoReCa industry according to customer requirements as partial or complete deliveries.
 We offer our customers high-quality HoReCa furnitures. We manufacture customized furniture for public spaces according to customer wishes.
We provide expert services and information on how our HoReCa frunitures have been produced.
Our team also has experience working as a restaurateur, restaurant manager and chef. We offer to our customers versatile and specified services.
Our showroom is located in Torikatu 15 , Kankaanpää.

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